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Our Experienced and Expert Team

Hair transplantation is a delicate process that requires expertise and experience. As our company, we take pride in having a specialized team in the field of hair transplantation. Our team consists of doctors, surgeons, and hair transplantation specialists who are equipped with years of experience and expertise in their respective fields.

Each member of our team is highly trained in hair transplantation and continuously keeps up with the latest developments in the field. They attend international conferences to enhance their knowledge and stay updated with the newest technologies.

We begin by providing our clients with a comprehensive evaluation and consultation process to deliver the best results. Taking into consideration the unique needs of each client, we create a personalized hair transplantation plan. During the procedure, our team works meticulously, employing the most accurate techniques and working with precision to achieve the most natural results.

Our experienced and expert team prioritizes the trust and satisfaction of our clients. Throughout the hair transplantation process, we stand by our clients, answer their questions, and provide support. The safety, comfort, and satisfaction of our clients are our top priorities.

By choosing us, you will benefit from being supported by a team of hair transplantation experts. We are committed to doing our best to achieve the best possible results for you.

Deneyimli ve Uzman Ekibimiz​

Successful Results

The happiness and satisfaction of our clients are our top priorities. We take pride in achieving numerous successful results to demonstrate our high success rate in hair transplantation. The positive experiences shared by our previous clients showcase the quality of our company and the success of our hair transplantation procedures.

To help our clients regain their self-confidence and achieve natural-looking hair, we utilize the latest techniques and advanced methods. Our experienced and expert team creates personalized hair transplantation plans, taking into account the unique needs of each client, and performs the procedure with precision.

We combine technical precision and aesthetic understanding to ensure client satisfaction and achieve the best results. We work diligently to create a natural appearance in our hair transplantation procedures. As a result, we take pride in providing our clients with natural and aesthetic results after their hair transplantation.

The success stories and positive feedback from our clients attest to the abilities of our company in hair transplantation and customer satisfaction. Our references and customer reviews demonstrate the passion and professionalism we bring to our work, as well as the successful results we consistently achieve.

By choosing us, you establish a reliable partnership to attain successful results. Assisting our clients in regaining their self-confidence and achieving natural hair is a source of happiness for us.

You are in the right place to achieve successful results. We eagerly look forward to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your satisfaction in the field of hair transplantation.

Personalized Approach

Each client is unique, and their hair transplantation needs may vary. We aim to provide our clients with a personalized approach to meet their needs in the best possible way.

To understand our clients' hair transplantation goals and expectations, we implement a comprehensive evaluation process. Prior to the procedure, we offer detailed consultations with our expert doctors and hair transplantation specialists. During this consultation process, we assess our clients' current hair condition, discuss hair transplantation methods, and understand their expectations to create the most suitable plan.

Our personalized approach aims to ensure the most fitting hair transplantation design that complements our clients' natural appearance and facial features. During the procedure, our expert team works meticulously, using the latest techniques. We pay attention to the aesthetic aspect in designing the hairline and ensure that the hair grafts are placed in the correct direction and angle.

We place great importance on communication and feedback processes to maintain client satisfaction at the highest level. We maintain continuous communication with our clients and demonstrate flexibility to meet their needs. We make efforts at every step to ensure our clients feel comfortable and safe throughout the process.

By choosing us, you become a part of a team that offers you a personalized experience during the hair transplantation process. We work with passion and expertise to give you natural and aesthetic hair.

You are at the right place for a personalized approach. We are eagerly looking forward to providing you with the best service and surpassing your expectations.

Kişiye Özel Yaklaşım​
İleri Teknoloji ve Yöntemler

Advanced Technology and Methods

We strive to provide our clients with the best service in hair transplantation by utilizing the latest technologies and advanced methods. As a company, we stay updated with technological innovations and make efforts to incorporate the most advanced technologies in hair transplantation procedures.

The advanced technologies used during the procedure enhance the comfort of our clients and enable us to achieve more natural results. These innovations include advanced imaging and planning systems, automatic graft selection devices, and precise implantation techniques.

By constantly updating and improving our methods, we aim to achieve the best results. Our specialized team closely follows advancements in the field of hair transplantation and endeavors to implement the most effective and safe methods.

The use of advanced technology and methods makes the hair transplantation process faster, more efficient, and enhances the naturalness of the results. We continuously strive to apply technological innovations to ensure our clients achieve the best outcomes after their hair transplantation.

By choosing us, your hair transplantation procedure will be performed with the latest technologies and advanced methods. Our reliable and modern equipment is designed to prioritize your comfort and safety during the procedure.

With our advanced technology and methods, we commit to providing our clients with the best results. We make a difference in the hair transplantation process by utilizing the most up-to-date technologies to achieve a natural and aesthetic appearance.

You are at the right place to benefit from advanced technology in hair transplantation. We are excited to offer you the latest innovations and help you achieve the best possible results.

Aftercare Support and Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of our hair transplantation company. We have a dedicated team and program in place to provide aftercare support and ensure customer satisfaction.

After the hair transplantation procedure, we take important steps to ensure our clients' comfort, smooth recovery, and satisfaction with the results. In the post-procedure phase, our experienced and expert team is always available to address any questions or concerns our clients may have and provide the necessary support.

The aftercare support we provide to our clients includes regular follow-ups and check-ups. We offer regular monitoring and recommendations to manage the recovery process properly and optimize the results. Additionally, we provide information and guidance on post-procedure care and hair health to our clients.

We value our clients' feedback in order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. We continuously make improvements to ensure your satisfaction and take customer feedback into consideration. Our goal is not only to meet but exceed our clients' expectations and always strive to ensure their satisfaction.

The importance we place on aftercare support and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other hair transplantation companies. We don't just provide the procedure; we stand by your side throughout the entire process. Our clients' satisfaction and trust are invaluable to us.

By choosing us, you will experience personalized support and guidance during the post-procedure phase. Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind and confidence while working towards achieving natural and aesthetic-looking hair.

We are a leading company when it comes to aftercare support and customer satisfaction. We are here to provide you with the best service and ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

İşlem Sonrası Destek ve Müşteri Memnuniyeti

Professional Communication and Prompt Response

We value our customers' needs and questions, and our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level through our professional communication and prompt response policy.

Our company has a team of experts dedicated to answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and establishing effective communication with you throughout the hair transplantation process. We are here to provide support and information both before and after the procedure. We work diligently to offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Professional communication is built on trust and understanding. Our team carefully listens to our customers' needs and makes every effort to provide the best solutions. We always respond to your questions or concerns with care and provide you with clear and understandable information.

Prompt response demonstrates our respect for our customers' time and expectations. We strive to respond to your questions, requests, or communication needs as quickly as possible. We maintain constant communication with our customers and provide support when you need it.

Our policy of professional communication and prompt response plays a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction and building trust. We are here to provide you with complete support and meet your needs.

When you reach out to us, you can be assured of a professional approach, empathetic communication, and a prompt response. We are here to assist you at any moment and provide you with the best service.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our professional communication and prompt response policy or to initiate communication. We eagerly look forward to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Hair Transplant in Turkey

For people experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, hair transplant is the easiest way to restore hair naturally and permanently. Instead of using artificial hair, natural hair from the person is transplanted to the areas where hair has been lost. During the hair transplant procedure, hair will be taken from areas where the person’s hair is not thinning or falling out. Hair transplant is a way to supplement hair in areas where it does not grow using a person’s own natural hair.

Hair loss occurs more frequently in men than women. Therefore, men tend to have hair transplants more frequently. Almost 50% of men over the age of 50 experience hair loss. It would be incorrect to say that hair loss only affects men, as women can also experience hair loss and thinning problems.

Saç Ekimi Prosedür

FUE Method Hair Transplantation

With the FUE method, the donor area between the two ears, which is the back of your head, where the hair follicles will be harvested, is locally anesthetized to numb the area. Then, your hair follicles, along with the microscopic tissue around them, are individually extracted using specialized tips (0.6-0.9 mm) that match the thickness of your hair, without causing pain, discomfort, or aching. The extracted hair follicles are then transplanted into the bald area through small incisions made by the surgeon. There are no visible scars or stitches after the procedure.

The operation is usually completed within 6 to 8 hours and does not require any downtime from your social life. The comfort provided during the procedure means that waiting for long periods is nothing more than a waste of time. After the transplantation, there are no symptoms such as swelling on the head, bruising around the eyes, pain, or bleeding. The only requirement from you is to carefully use the medications prescribed for a week and pay attention to the guidelines we provide for the first few days. By being careful about these things, we can ensure that you have the best post-transplantation experience with minimal complications.

DHI Method Hair Transplant

The DHI method is a hair transplantation technique that takes into account the comfort of the hair transplant specialist and team, as well as the aesthetics of the patient. With the use of the DHI hair transplant pen, the process of hair transplantation has become more efficient and modern. The hair follicles (grafts) taken from the donor area are directly implanted using special devices without the need for any holes or channels to be opened in the areas where the hair will be transplanted.

The fact that no channels are opened in the area of transplantation increases the number of grafts that can be transplanted and allows for a denser implantation. The recovery process after the DHI technique is shorter compared to previous methods. The most important advantage of the DHI method of hair transplantation is the density of transplantation achieved. With the use of the hair transplant pen in DHI technique, hair follicles can be transferred directly in the desired direction, resulting in a more natural appearance.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

The Safir FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is the latest technology in hair transplantation worldwide. Sapphire is a precious mineral, and sapphire tips are used in the use of sapphire heads. During the procedure, instead of metal blades, special sapphire tips are preferred for making the channels for hair transplantation. The use of sapphire tips in the FUE method is not a separate technique but a new type of innovation within the scope of FUE. It is an application developed to minimize the formation of crusts in the area where hair roots will be transferred and to minimize the healing process by keeping the channels to a minimum level beyond the normal level. Thanks to this application, all symptoms and possibilities that may occur after the hair transplantation process are completely minimized. Therefore, it has become one of the most preferred applications of recent times.

The Safir FUE technique begins with a local anesthesia procedure. After the local anesthesia, hair roots are collected using a micro motor. During this collection process, hair roots are taken one by one using micro motor tips ranging from 0.6 to 0.8 mm in size. After collection, the transfer process is carried out to the channels that will be opened in the transplantation area. The success rate of hair transplantation is directly proportional to the natural appearance achieved. This natural appearance is achieved by considering the transplantation angle, frequency, and direction of the hair roots after the procedure. Using Safir tips for the procedure is an important detail for achieving the highest efficiency while considering these details. Another innovation that Safir tips bring to the hair transplantation area is the ability to allow for much more root transplantation due to the channels being opened with minimum angles. Therefore, serious success is achieved in achieving the desired hair density. To obtain the desired hair density, consultations with our experts will help you gain detailed information about the process.

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