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PRP Treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma)

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PRP treatment or Platelet Rich Plasma is a method used to stop hair loss, revitalize weakened and thinning hair, and improve hair quality. This procedure involves injecting plasma obtained from the person’s own blood into the balding or sparse area. For this process, about 10 cc of blood is taken from the person and leukocytes and platelets are separated from the plasma through laboratory processes that last about 15 minutes. The obtained plasma is then injected into the hairless or sparse area, improving hair quality and revitalizing thinning or fine hair.

In PRP hair treatment, the plasma obtained from platelets separated from red blood cells is injected in small doses into the scalp during a 10-minute application. This treatment is used to revive weakened, lifeless, and even thinning hair, as well as to revive dying hair follicles. The goal is to help hair regain its former health.

PRP treatment involves a concentration of platelets (clotting cells) and leukocytes (white blood cells) in the obtained plasma. When these platelets and leukocytes are activated, they release growth factors. PRP used in hair treatment triggers the regeneration and multiplication of stem cells thanks to the growth factors. As a result, significant tissue renewal occurs and it helps hair to grow healthier and stronger.

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PRP Treatment: What is it Used For?

PRP is a treatment method used for various purposes. It is used in the treatment of hair loss by stimulating weak, broken, damaged hair and hair follicles that have stopped producing hair on the scalp, thereby preventing hair loss. It also makes the hair look more shiny and vibrant.

Platelets, which work with the wound healing mechanism around lesions such as cracks, scars, and wounds on the skin caused by any reason, provide healing, reduction, and shrinkage in their appearance in the lesions with the growth factors they secrete.

By using it in skin spots, the working system of melanin cells, which cause color formation on the skin, is kept within normal limits with the growth factors secreted by the platelets given to the skin, and the treatment of skin spots is provided.

Additionally, it is used as a skin rejuvenation treatment. Healing is seen thanks to the growth factors secreted in the PRP applied area. Thus, the elasticity of the skin increases and sagging and wrinkles on the skin decrease due to the reconstruction and increased production of collagen.

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