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Hair Simulation

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The hair simulation application is applied to provide hair appearance in all areas where hair thinning and loss occur. This is achieved by placing pigments that will give the appearance of hair on the area with hair. Hair loss is a common problem among both women and men in recent days. Over time, hair loss due to reasons such as age, genetics, heat, and improper product use can negatively affect individuals’ psychology. People who want to feel younger and more energetic can achieve a new look with hair simulation. However, it is important to seek help from experts to achieve the most accurate results.

Hair loss problem can start in individuals at a young age. After puberty, especially in men, hair loss problem is influenced by genetic factors.

  • To avoid hair loss, it is beneficial to stay away from hair styling products that use heat.
  • Similarly, cosmetic products such as hair gel and hair spray can also cause hair loss.
  • Regular hair care is important to deal with hair loss.
  • However, hair simulation is one of the most effective methods for individuals with permanent hair loss problem.
  • Special pigmentation is applied to the hair roots and permanent results are achieved in this way.

Individuals who have been experiencing hair loss for a long time can have thicker and more natural-looking hair by getting hair simulation.

Saç Simülasyonu Öncesi & Sonrası

Hair Simulation to Hide Scars and Marks

Individuals who have scars or burn marks on their scalp can also get rid of the bad appearance by getting hair simulation. The procedure, which gives a natural hair effect, is advantageous for individuals who do not have hair due to genetic factors.

Hair Simulation with Natural Pigments (Tattooing)

Baldness problem can cause men to lose their self-confidence. In women, however, hair loss may not be complete but volume loss and thinning problems may arise.

  • In hair simulation, micro pigmentation is applied to bald areas through special sessions.
  • As the method repairs the hairline, it helps individuals to feel better about themselves.
  • Hair simulation, which can be expressed as a permanent cosmetic procedure, can achieve effective results as it is applied to the lower layer of the skin.
  • Simulation, which is an effective procedure, helps the pigments in the individuals’ scalp to become active.

Regular Sessions Should Be Paid Attention To!

It is important for individuals who have hair simulation to have regular checks in order to achieve the most successful results. The process, also known as scalp tattooing, begins to show its effect after 1-2 sessions at most.

  • It is important for individuals who will have hair simulation to seek help from special and professional clinics to avoid any health problems later.
  • In each session, the hair roots become more active and the process begins to take effect.
  • The simulation process is tailored to individuals’ scalp and skin types, and hair color for more successful results.

Having such a process for individuals who experience continuous hair loss and thinning hair will be advantageous for obtaining permanent solutions. In this way, individuals can feel better about themselves. Hair simulation prices are determined according to the size of the area and the number of sessions.

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