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Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method aimed at preventing hair loss and increasing hair density and length for both men and women. This method also helps to regulate the proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients in the scalp. Hair mesotherapy is performed by injecting a liquid containing nutrients into the scalp with the help of a injector. This speeds up cell metabolism and blood circulation, eliminates infections, and helps revitalize hair follicles. Using thin needles, vitamin, mineral, antioxidants, and other components that strengthen the tissue are injected into the scalp 2-3 mm below the surface. This way, long, strong, voluminous, and healthy hair can be achieved.

The hair mesotherapy is generally applied about 6 months after the hair transplant procedure to strengthen and nourish the newly emerged hair strands. This method also helps to prevent future hair loss. There are no known side effects or allergic reactions associated with the hair mesotherapy treatment.

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Who is not suitable for hair mesotherapy?

The hair mesotherapy procedure is not suitable for individuals with skin diseases or burns, diabetes, hemophilia patients, and pregnant women. Complications may arise during or after the application in these individuals. Therefore, their medical history and current health condition should be evaluated beforehand to determine if they are suitable for the treatment.

The Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy

  1. It prevents hair loss and increases hair density and length.
  2. It maintains hair health by regulating proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients in the scalp.
  3. It accelerates blood circulation in the scalp, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach the hair roots.
  4. It promotes hair growth by speeding up cell metabolism in the scalp.
  5. It provides a suitable environment for healthy hair growth by preventing the formation of infections in the scalp.
  6. It plays an active role in improving hormonal balance and reducing the effects of the DHT hormone that causes hair loss.
  7. It can be used to prevent severe dandruff under the supervision of a dermatologist’s decision.

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