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Hair Transplant

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For people experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, hair transplant is the easiest way to restore hair naturally and permanently. Instead of using artificial hair, natural hair from the person is transplanted to the areas where hair has been lost. During the hair transplant procedure, hair will be taken from areas where the person’s hair is not thinning or falling out. Hair transplant is a way to supplement hair in areas where it does not grow using a person’s own natural hair.

Hair loss occurs more frequently in men than women. Therefore, men tend to have hair transplants more frequently. Almost 50% of men over the age of 50 experience hair loss. It would be incorrect to say that hair loss only affects men, as women can also experience hair loss and thinning problems.

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FUE Method Hair Transplantation

With the FUE method, the donor area between the two ears, which is the back of your head, where the hair follicles will be harvested, is locally anesthetized to numb the area. Then, your hair follicles, along with the microscopic tissue around them, are individually extracted using specialized tips (0.6-0.9 mm) that match the thickness of your hair, without causing pain, discomfort, or aching. The extracted hair follicles are then transplanted into the bald area through small incisions made by the surgeon. There are no visible scars or stitches after the procedure.

The operation is usually completed within 6 to 8 hours and does not require any downtime from your social life. The comfort provided during the procedure means that waiting for long periods is nothing more than a waste of time. After the transplantation, there are no symptoms such as swelling on the head, bruising around the eyes, pain, or bleeding. The only requirement from you is to carefully use the medications prescribed for a week and pay attention to the guidelines we provide for the first few days. By being careful about these things, we can ensure that you have the best post-transplantation experience with minimal complications.

DHI Method Hair Transplant

The DHI method is a hair transplantation technique that takes into account the comfort of the hair transplant specialist and team, as well as the aesthetics of the patient. With the use of the DHI hair transplant pen, the process of hair transplantation has become more efficient and modern. The hair follicles (grafts) taken from the donor area are directly implanted using special devices without the need for any holes or channels to be opened in the areas where the hair will be transplanted.

The fact that no channels are opened in the area of transplantation increases the number of grafts that can be transplanted and allows for a denser implantation. The recovery process after the DHI technique is shorter compared to previous methods. The most important advantage of the DHI method of hair transplantation is the density of transplantation achieved. With the use of the hair transplant pen in DHI technique, hair follicles can be transferred directly in the desired direction, resulting in a more natural appearance.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

The Safir FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is the latest technology in hair transplantation worldwide. Sapphire is a precious mineral, and sapphire tips are used in the use of sapphire heads. During the procedure, instead of metal blades, special sapphire tips are preferred for making the channels for hair transplantation. The use of sapphire tips in the FUE method is not a separate technique but a new type of innovation within the scope of FUE. It is an application developed to minimize the formation of crusts in the area where hair roots will be transferred and to minimize the healing process by keeping the channels to a minimum level beyond the normal level. Thanks to this application, all symptoms and possibilities that may occur after the hair transplantation process are completely minimized. Therefore, it has become one of the most preferred applications of recent times.

The Safir FUE technique begins with a local anesthesia procedure. After the local anesthesia, hair roots are collected using a micro motor. During this collection process, hair roots are taken one by one using micro motor tips ranging from 0.6 to 0.8 mm in size. After collection, the transfer process is carried out to the channels that will be opened in the transplantation area. The success rate of hair transplantation is directly proportional to the natural appearance achieved. This natural appearance is achieved by considering the transplantation angle, frequency, and direction of the hair roots after the procedure. Using Safir tips for the procedure is an important detail for achieving the highest efficiency while considering these details. Another innovation that Safir tips bring to the hair transplantation area is the ability to allow for much more root transplantation due to the channels being opened with minimum angles. Therefore, serious success is achieved in achieving the desired hair density. To obtain the desired hair density, consultations with our experts will help you gain detailed information about the process.

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